Dr. Shubhra Goel: Giving A Makeover To Oculofacial Plastic Surgery


Dr. Shubhra Goel: Giving A Makeover To Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Shubhra Goel: Giving A Makeover To Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Shubhra Goel
Chief Surgeon And Cofounder

Oculoplastic surgery, a segment of aesthetic surgery, is a critical genre of the healthcare industry, with very few women working in it. Breaking the glass ceiling, Dr. Shubhra Goel has made a mark in this field as a surgeon. Dr. Goel emerged as a pioneer to find the right balance between non-invasive treatment options and surgical treatments in oculoplasty to provide the most realistic outcomes to her patients. In an interaction with us, Dr. Goel, Chief Surgeon and Co-founder of Clinica Fai, shares some of her experiences and insights about this industry, the journey of her medical practice, and her contribution to the entire industry.

Please Tell Us About Your Background And Belief That Led You To Be An Oculoplastic Surgeon.
I have grown up in a family of scientists, engineers, and doctors. I came into healthcare as it would allow me to give back to society. From a young age, I was passionate about helping people and was motivated to do something different. I believe my passion for art drew me to take up surgery as a specialization, and soon after, my love for aesthetics led me to plastic surgery. The area around the eye being the most complex fascinated me to take up the niche as a challenge. Finally, the pioneer in me wanted to do something different, and I entered the world of oculoplasty, where there weren’t many women in India at that time.

How Has Been Your Educational Journey?
I have received medical training in some of the world's leading muniversities and institutions like Grant Medical College and JJ Group of Hospitals, KEM Hospital, Rotary Eye Institute Navsari, Sankara Nethralaya Chennai, and University of Wisconsin, USA – one of top five universities for oculoplasty in the US. During my academic life, I was blessed to come in contact with several influential personalities who are pioneers in their niche of cosmetic surgery. I was trained by Dr. Cynthia Boxrud – a celebrity facial cosmetic surgeon from Los Angeles, and Dr. Zein Obagi – a world-renowned dermatologist. I was also mentored by Dr. Mark Lucarelli and Dr. Cat Burkat, leading oculoplastic surgeons in the USA and the Asia Pacific.
So, my journey throughout has been very inspiring, which filled me with zeal to learn more and work further. Clinica Fai is a practice born out of this inspiration. We follow a completely different treatment method at Clinica Fai, where the patient's well-being is at the forefront. We focus on providing a holistic treatment plan rather than directly suggesting or pushing cosmetic treatments that cost a lot of money.

“Every situation should be approached with an aesthetic sense, resulting in naturallooking results with minimal hazards”

Please Take Us Through Clinica Fai’s Journey And Tell Us What Distinguished Measures Are Taken While Treating A Patient.
Before founding Clinica Fai, I worked at Sankara Nethralaya, where I led the opening of India’s first oculofacial aesthetic clinic within an eye hospital. Afterward, I worked with numerous other hospitals across India as an oculoplastic surgeon. These experiences helped me shape a unique nature of functioning for Clinica Fai, where we try to see beyond what meets the eye. We believe in providing a holistic experience and offer a primarily digital experience to the patients allowing the patient to visit the hospital only when a physical facility for surgery or other in person treatment is required. So, when a patient comes to our clinic, our focus is to understand their underlying reasons for the visit. We spend the time understanding their physiological, psychological, and anatomical conditions and then providing a modular treatment plan that helps address both visible and invisible issues. My personal experience of holistic healing using exercise, diet, aesthetic and cosmetic treatment has led me to affirm my belief.

What Facets Of Your Personality Assist You In Leading A Hospital From The Front?
Running a healthcare facility such as Clinica Fai from the front requires ruthless and frequent prioritization and structured time management. I have grown with an invaluable passion and courage that helps me keep a singular focus to provide the best possible treatment to the patients, which is the key to Clinica Fai’s success. I realize that the counseling of a patient plays a significant role in any treatment. Hence, I have to keep myself prepared to support the patient as an advisor, mentor, and friend.

How You Keep Yourself Updated To Ensure Competency In Healthcare Services Of Clinica Fai?
Keeping abreast with the latest technology is the key to offer world-class service. I try to keep myself aligned to periodic evolutions through national and international conferences, webinars, and other relevant events. Clinica Fai has also partnered with multiple leading clinics and leading practitioners to avail treatment to patients where the facility is best equipped for the patient.

Dr. Shubhra Goel, Chief Surgeon And Cofounder, Clinica Fai
one of the first oculoplastic surgeons in India with dual long term certified fellowships- one from the leading institute in India (Sankara Nethralaya) got gold medal and the other from the best in Oculoplasty in the USA (University of Wisconsin), International Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, American Academy Achievement Award, Indian Ophthalmology Heroes Award and Innovation Award. She is an enthusiastic interior designer who is married to one of India's leading neuroophthalmologists Dr. Rashmin Gandhi and is a proud parent of two Shih Tzus- Aloo and Tikki.