Dr. Gagan Bhatia: A Dynamic Leader Redefining Skincare Industry Through Help Of Naturopathy


Dr. Gagan Bhatia: A Dynamic Leader Redefining Skincare Industry Through Help Of Naturopathy

Dr. Gagan Bhatia: A Dynamic Leader Redefining Skincare Industry Through Help Of Naturopathy

Dr. Gagan Bhatia

The Skincare industry has seen significant growth in recent years with multiple brands competing out there to attract their legion of customers. In a competition to provide the best results in a minimum amount of time, the skincare products have become more adulterated with harmful chemicals and other toxic ingredients resulting in different skin issues as a side effect. To counter those issues, nowadays people are opting for Ayurveda and nature-based organic products. Dr. Gagan Bhatia, Founder, Uniqaya Lifestyle is one of those dynamic entrepreneurs and leaders who with a strong foothold in naturopathy and dermatology, opted for a more natural and organic product range, free of harmful ingredients. Due to her and her team's diligent efforts and passion to provide the best skin-friendly nature rich products, Uniqaya Lifestyles already have gained a huge amount of customers in a short span of time.

In an exclusive interview with Women Entrepreneur, Dr. Bhatia shares her thought process behind Uniqaya, the challenges behind running a successful business and much more:

Throw Some Light On Your Early Education, Professional Background And Experience. Whatmotivated You To Establish A Cosmetic Brand Uniqaya?

After completing my B.Sc., I pursued exterior interior designing where I got the opportunity to work with many renowned architects. After doing some projects, I went on to pursue my post-graduation in Naturopathy from Punjab University. That’s when I decided to step into our family-run business, Unimarck Pharmaceuticals (also the parent company of Uniqaya), where I led both the pre-medical training and product development departments.

I have always been a huge admirer of Shahnaz Hussain. Her charisma, her style, her business sense, all of it. That admiration formed in me a dream of owning my own skincare brand. That dream paired with a very strong foothold in dermatology and with a legacy of over four decades at Unimarck, led to the creation of Uniqaya.

If those reasons weren't enough, knowing that we live in an era of scientific wonders, it’s also simply impossible to ignore the vast amounts of wonder ingredients present in nature. With my knowledge and experience in both naturopathy and science, the blend of both made perfect sense, so did Uniqaya!

What Are The Various Roles & Responsibilities That You Currently Shoulder At Uniqaya Lifestyle? What Have Been Some Of The Challenging Aspects Of Your Role And How Did You Overcome Them?

As the founder of Uniqaya; from product development to formulation, designing to executing, marketing to selling, delegating to managing and much more is the job of every leader. I am no exception. Throughout the journey so far, the biggest challenge that I have faced, is to keep the team focused and motivated during the pandemic. Another humongous challenge has been to create a space in the cut-throat skincare industry. My father has always taught me that challenges are the best part of our lives and it’s those challenging phases that help us to learn, grow and truly understand our capabilities. He has taught me to have faith in myself and in God and those are the lessons that drive me. I also share these with my team with a belief that we will face all challenges whilst learning and growing together.

“You don’t need any special degree or place to succeed. All it requires is a leap of faith”

What Are The Varied Expertise You Possess As A Naturopath And Creative Entrepreneur With Experience Across Various Industries? How Do You Ensure That The Client's Holistic Wellbeing Is Maintained?

Naturopathy is all about treating people with what exists in nature and the elements of nature which has been the base agenda behind creating Uniqaya. Uniqaya uses plant based ingredients, it’s sulfate- free, paraben-free and 100% harmful chemical-free. Our whole brand revolves around the core philosophy that each one of us is born beautiful. Our products will help people to achieve their true beauty by simply introducing a healthy skincare routine in their lives. We make sure that each and every ingredient is sourced organically from reliable, verified sources and of ECOCERT certification. We take pride in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction from our products. Infact, sometimes we also assist in creating special skincare routines for them.

How Do You Maintain A Balance Between Your Personal And Professional Life. What’s Your Guiding Leadership Philosophy?

Being a single mother and then handling a business has its own share of challenges. However, meditation, yoga, music, cooking, driving, gardening are the things that have really kept me alive and grounded. I had a lot of ups and downs in my life and after many struggles, self-discoveries and discipline, I was able to come out of it. So it's all in your mindset and if you truly put your mind and soul to it, you can achieve anything and everything you want.

I am blessed to have a team that believes in me as much as I do in them. To grow and succeed together has always been my philosophy. Right now we are available pan-India and are working on reaching people globally. We want to reach everyone with a positive mindset. I also have a spiritual background of 20 years. So, whenever my products are being made or getting delivered, I make it a point to bless each product with good vibes to help people in a good way.

What Are Some Of The Major Milestones In Your Career As A Professional? What Advice Would You Like To Give To Young Women And Girls Aspiring To Become Business Leaders And Entrepreneurs In The Future?

Being a new brand and still getting such huge acceptance and recognition in the market is a great milestone for us. Our ever-increasing list of satisfied customers and fans has been another huge milestone for us. Seeing so many positive reviews and feedback on our website fills my heart with joy and helps us build the confidence that we are sailing in the right direction.

The advice that I would love to give to young women and girls is that you don’t need any special degree or place to succeed. All it requires is a leap of faith. Just believe in yourself and in your dreams and never give up. Keep on believing and keep on moving in the right direction. God is there to guide you.

Dr. Gagan Bhatia, Founder, Uniqaya Lifestyle

Using her strong experience in both Naturopathy and Dermatology, Dr.Gagan Bhatia Founded Uniqaya Lifestyleto help people with skincare products that are made of nature-based organic products and are free of harmful chemicals.

Awards: Nominated for the prestigious rising brands of Asia 2021-22.