Dr. Bushra Asim Khan: Changing People's Perception Towards Aesthetics

Dr. Bushra Asim Khan: Changing People's Perception Towards Aesthetics

Dr. Bushra Asim Khan

Skin treatments have been a vital element of human routine for ages, and consumers have been trailing behind the beauty of perfect skin and so have the companies. The aesthetic industry is changing rapidly in the Middle East; with technological advancement and access to expert knowledge, people nowadays are not shying away from consulting a dermatologist to take care of their skin and hair. The new-age Dermatologist of Kuwait is bringing a fresh perspective to this industry. The increasing prevalence of Aesthetic Treatments is propelling market growth over the upcoming period. There has been a latent shift from using conventional products to technologically advanced equipment, which aids in better diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases and improves one's overall appearance.

Thus, introducing technologically advanced noninvasive laser therapies has led to a high demand for dermatology devices. Increasing awareness levels among people about their appearance have boosted the demand for aesthetic treatments, driving the development of the dermatology market. A continuous learner and an inspiring dermatologist, Dr. Bushra Asim Khan, delivers the best dermatological services with a touch of innovation and customization. With a business model based on sustainability and continuity, Global Med Clinic has been established with a vision to provide "Excellence in Healthcare" services to all patients, customers, and clients using industry and international best practices, stateof- the-art equipment, and technology.

With more than 12 years of hand on experience, Dr. Bushra holds various credentials, including M.B.B.S., MD in dermatology, and MSc. Dermatology from the University of Hertfordshire, DPD from Cardiff University and certification in Aesthetics, (A.A.M.) lasers, and Hyperbaric Medicine. Through her determination and positive outlook, she aspires to bring positive physical change in her patients through customized treatment and boosting their confidence.

Dr. Bushra Asim Khan engages in one-on-one interaction with Women Entrepreneur Magazine.

What are some important features of your expertise as a healthcare practitioner?

The golden rule is to understand patient concerns not just physically, but one needs to consider intrinsic factors, whether the disease-related or psychological impact. As each patient is unique, I believe innovation and customization of the treatment are essential. As a dermatologist with aesthetic expertise, I want my patients to be better versions of themselves. They must feel confident and optimistic about their appearance. One must possess creativity, problemsolving skills, and effective communication while dealing with patients.

What motivated you to venture into the healthcare field and specialize as a dermatologist? Tell us about your specialization in the various treatments and procedures.

I always had a passion for becoming a physician since my early childhood, so I was clear from the beginning about becoming a doctor. However, becoming a dermatologist was a decision after completing my M. B.B.S. when I felt skin is just not the largest organ of the body, but it's a mirror of one's health. One can diagnose many diseases just by seeing skin signs. I specialize in skin, hair, and nail diseases as a dermatologist with aesthetic expertise, including laser treatment for various skin disorders and conditions. Examples include acne vulgaris, post-acne scars, rosacea, telangiectasia, nevus, hemangioma, ethnic skin concerns, hair treatments and nail disorders. Apart from this, I specialize in fillers for the face and body and botox for wrinkles and hyperhidrosis. I also provide microneedling, thread lift, P.R.P., various skin rejuvenation treatments, and skin surgery. The goal of my practice is to help my patients gain confidence in their daily life.

Tell us about the most critical challenges you face as a healthcare practitioner. What steps do you take to overcome the roadblocks that you face?

The healthcare environment is changing rapidly, and intelligent dermatologists will stay informed and respond proactively. Being a clinical dermatologist practicing aesthetics, it's a challenge to provide treatment with realistic goals as mostly the patients who visit dermatology have high expectations. They already perceive skin as the reflection of the outer world. To give a realistic yet holistic treatment, we need to understand the patient very closely and ultimately educate them about the treatment plan and outcome. It creates a win-win situation for myself and my patients, resulting in more achievable and desirable results.

What are some of the most significant milestones you have achieved throughout your professional journey? What has been the driving force behind your success as a business leader?

To be a healthcare practitioner with innovative skills in the field of aesthetics is the most significant achievement in my professional journey. I see myself as different from many as I believe in continuous learning and applying knowledge with everyday advancements. I believe in treating each patient as a unique case where I use my medical skills to respect their desires in the account of evidence-based medicine. The driving force for being a successful practitioner is my family support, which allows me to perform and achieve my goals.

What is your take on the current state of healthcare in Kuwait? How do you foresee the healthcare landscape evolving going forward?

Kuwait's public healthcare sector accounts for more than 80 percent of the healthcare spending in the country. The private sector would grow moderately in the coming years, with private firms estimated to account for 20 percent of healthcare spending. The healthcare sector in Kuwait will likely face rapid growth over the next five years due to the massive investment in the country's healthcare infrastructure. The Ministry of Health and Public Works has announced to expand the capacity of operating hospitals within a decade. Kuwait aspires to create world-class healthcare providers and improve healthcare quality in treatment centers, such as the Kuwait Cancer Center, the Kuwait Chest Disease Hospital, and the Kuwait Radiology Center.

"Continuous learning, passion and determination to excel are key ingredients for success"

Drawing from your experience as a successful physician and a business leader, what would your advice be to young women and girls who aspire to become business leaders and entrepreneurs in the future?

I want to advise girls who want to be leaders in their fields to inculcate problem-solving skills, creativity and innovation. Effective communication is a vital characteristic of a good leader as it helps to gain trust, align efforts in pursuing goals, and inspire positive change. Develop a strong network and go for productive collaborations, which will help grow the business. Cultivate and connect with the deep belief that what you're doing in your business is making the world a better place. With the need for change on many levels of our society, including business and politics, now is the best time for women to influence and lead companies

Dr. Bushra Asim Khan, Dermatologist, Global Med Clinic

Dr. Bushra holds the license of Dermatologist, Venereologist, and Cosmetologist with an Aesthetic Laser and Skincare focus. Dr. Bushra also holds MD, M.Sc. from University of Hertfordshire and DPD from Cardiff University. She is passionate about creating a positive impact in the health sector by curing skin problems and improving personalities through her expertise in aesthetics.

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