Archana Deshpande: An Entrepreneur Who Introduced The Most Unique &Amp; Creative Pottery Brand To India


Archana Deshpande: An Entrepreneur Who Introduced The Most Unique &Amp; Creative Pottery Brand To India

Archana Deshpande: An Entrepreneur Who Introduced The Most Unique &Amp; Creative Pottery Brand To India

Archana Deshpande

The origins of the Indian pottery industry may be traced back to the beginnings of civilisation, as pottery is an ancient skill in India. In addition, the pottery industry in India is responsible for the creation of a large amount of employment and contributes to an improvement in the country's overall standard of living. The sector's workforce is composed of individuals from both rural and urban areas. Taking into account the workforce available in India and the need to bridge the gap between pottery's produced style and heritage, Potteryden was founded by Archana Deshpande.

The modern styles offered by Potteryden are commonly described as 'Lifestyle Designer Pottery' because of their widespread popularity and the admiration with which they are embraced. In an exclusive interview with Women Entrepreneur Magazine, Archana Deshpande discussed Potteryden's founding philosophy and her entrepreneurial objectives.

Give us an overview of your company ­ Potteryden.

Potteryden, headquartered in Pune, is a lifestyle brand of its unique range of handcrafted clay made products. I'd desire to see Potteryden wares in every home and workplace since we cater to a wide variety of markets using targeted strategies to create real sustainable goods. Every three months, we unveil brand-new collections, each with its own fascinating backstory. We also produce limited edition collections, letting customers choose items that appeal to their aesthetics or serve a practical use around the home or workplace. Our various collections are influenced by nature, holidays, seasons, and even customer input. Looking at Potteryden's collections, you can see that we create particular pastel collections for the summer, warm and earthy tones for winter and traditional patterns for festivals like Diwali and others in India that nevertheless take into account modern tastes and customs.

As the company's founder, I can say that the exclusive, one-off collections we release are what set Potteryden apart. We don't mass-produce the same thing again and over, but for our hallmark lines, which have consistent year-round demand, we do continue to manufacture with modest alterations to the designs.

What motivated you to establish Potteryden? Tell us about the underlying idea behind the company and some of its most unique features.

The purpose behind establishing Potteryden was to provide a product of international excellence. Having been to India from the United States in 2016, I was reminded that our country's greatest strength is its talented workforce. Since I had seen ceramic wares worldwide, I knew that we had huge potential in developing novel creations, but the problem was to produce items of international quality. To that end, I set out to develop a range of products that look and feel the same whether they were manufactured in India or somewhere else. Our primary goal in developing this product was for it to function independently and that could compete successfully on a global scale.

"The purpose behind establishing potteryden was to provide a product of international excellence to every facility"

The launch of an eco-friendly ceramic line was another inspiration. All of the products sold by Potteryden are 100 percent lead-free clay. All of our designs are made by hand without the use of a printing machine. Since it has to be modern-compatible, microwave and dishwasher-safe pottery is a must. For these reasons, I settled on presenting only the finest hand-made, pure-clay ware. I feel that there's something particularly cherished about a product that's been handcrafted.

In your opinion, what are some of the most significant milestones that you have achieved throughout your professional journey?

The defining moment was realising that I am a highly structured entrepreneur. I think it's important to make plans and stick to them. That's why we were always one step ahead of the game in the years leading up to the pandemic because we had a mechanism in place. In addition, everyone knows that to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to always be a step ahead of the curve. At the outset of the lockdown, people began to cook in great quantities, as all other options had been exhausted and cooking was the last remaining option. It was a busy period for us, as customers wanted their every meal to be photographed and posted on social media. That was the pattern we saw, as people sought to make eating together with their loved ones the most pleasurable experience possible. Because of our meticulous preparation, we already had the goods in stock and ready to ship at that point.

Drawing from your experience as a business leader, what would your advice be to young women and girls who also aspire to become business leaders and entrepreneurs in the future?

To be successful as an entrepreneur, one must push themselves beyond their usual boundaries. To that end, try putting yourself out there and become creative. Everyone has a spark of creativity inside them but you won't discover it until you go out of your way to find it. Get out of your comfort zone and take a risk for the things you're passionate about because when you do what you love, everything changes. It's more than a 9-to-5; it consumes your every waking thought. Entrepreneurship is the perfect career path for those who enjoy balancing several priorities.

Archana Deshpande,  Founder, Potteryden

Being an alumnus of the College of DuPage, Archana began her professional journey with Air India in 1999. Later, she moved to the US, wherein Archana was a part of various organisations like American Mortgage Loan Services, Future Travel, and Earth Solutions. After coming back to India, Archana established Potteryden - a company that produces uniquely designed and artistic pottery.