Women Hold 36% Leadership Roles in Midmarket Indian Businesses, 4% Higher than Global Average

Women Hold 36% Leadership Roles in Midmarket Indian Businesses, 4% Higher than Global Average

By: Rachita Sharma, Managing Editor | Monday, 5 June 2023

Gender parity at work has been a widely discussed topic across the global business landscape. Several reports have proven that more women at work is not just good for gender equity but it makes better business sense. Companies with a more diverse and inclusive workforce experience enhanced productivity and improved business bottom lines.

The Indian business world has also been on a slow yet steady journey to bring more women not only in the workforce but to the top leadership roles. These efforts have finally brought about some change. The `Women in Business 2023 - The push for parity' report from noted that 32 percent of leadership roles in midmarket businesses are held by women. The number in India however, is higher than the global average and stands at 36 percent.

Although we still have a lot of ground to cover to achieve complete gender parity, yet this is a step in the right direction.

Women Entrepreneur Indian's editorial mission is committed to aiding the cause of gender parity at work and to that end we believe in celebrating women role models. The current edition of the magazine brings to you a few such success stories.

In the edition meet Gayatri Varun, Founder & CEO, Green Hermitage. Gayatri hasover 9 years of working experience in the climate change and sustainable development space. She studied law and completed her MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development and has ever since worked in the social impact sector and also in the climate change space pan India. Through Green Hermitage, she aims to create a change in consumer ideology and purchasing patterns to more sustainable products.

The magazine also features Shiivani Aggarwal, CEO, Formula Group. A passionate leader with around 20 years of professional experience, Shiivani Aggarwal joined the leading employee mobility service firm, Formula Group, in 2004. Over the years, she climbed through the ranks and currently works as the CEO of the firm. An avid traveler, Shiivani has completed her education in the travel and tourism industry and has been to five continents and over 25 countries.