Women CFOs Ace Performance but Lack in Representation

Women CFOs Ace Performance but Lack in Representation

By: Rachita Sharma, Managing Editor | Friday, 22 September 2023

There existed a preconceived notion across the world and cultures that ‘Finance is not for women’. The truth couldn’t be further away from that. Not only have women been acing household finance in various cultures but they have also carved a niche as leaders in finance.

Although women CFOs are far and few in between, yet their capabilities have been widely recognized. The proof is in the pudding. A study by S&P Global Market Intelligence found that within the first 24 months of appointing women CFOs, companies witnessed a six percent increase in profits, and eight percent better stock returns. Collectively, women CFOs brought $1.8 trillion additional cumulative profits. The S&P Global Market Intelligence study also highlighted that companies headed by female CEOs or CFOs demonstrated a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Read through the stories of successful women CFOs and how their expertise is driving growth for their respective organizations.

On the cover we have Asma Jan Muhammad, a recognized leader in finance. With her exceptional skills, extensive expertise, and unwavering determination, Asma has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry. Her remarkable journey is a testament to her commitment to excellence, her passion for empowering women, and her relentless pursuit of success.

Severine Hoss, CFO & COO, Alpha Nero is another leader featured in the magazine issue. An experienced leader in finance, with prior experience in the automotive spare parts and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors. In her current role Severine’s focus is on sound financial management and strategic planning at Alpha Nero.

Joing the coveted list is also Shreeya Joshi, Head of Finance, Columbus Mckinnon. Shreeya draws inspiration from visionary leaders like A M Naik and Indra Nooyi, observing their transformative journeys. Her career path, intertwined with L&T's dynamic evolution, has been guided by close collaboration with esteemed CFOs (Late) Y M Deosthalee and R. Shankar Raman.

In this edition also meet Maria Semkina, CFO, Lenovo. With her sharp business acumen and ability to navigate complex challenges, Maria has emerged as a powerful force in the corporate landscape, inspiring others to break boundaries and achieve their full potential.

Nadia AbuSarah, Group Chief Financial Officer, TPAY Mobile is another celebrated finance leader who shares her journey with us the magazine’s current edition. Her journey stands as a testament to her resilience, strategic thinking, and leadership acumen. Her contributions to the world of corporate finance and her pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape of TPAY Mobile underscore her as an inspiring figure in the realm of business leadership.

Read more about these women CFOs and their professional journey of grit, determination and success.

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