New-Age Decor Brand Livening-Up Homes & Lives Everywhere

New-Age Decor Brand Livening-Up Homes & Lives Everywhere

By: Rachita Sharma, special Editor | Monday, 9 May 2022

A house is often a piece of our heart and an extension of our personality. Merely putting-up four walls does not make a home, a space becomes a home when people residing within these four walls let their personality shine through various art forms. The way art forms such as paintings, music, sculpture narrate a story, a home also speaks volumes about its occupants.

While back in the day, home décor was considered an elite concept, things have evolved greatly now. Today's `Insta' generation not only has a wide world view, but also has the aspiration of creating living spaces that reflect their personalities distinctly.

Buying power is another factor that has piqued people's interest in home décor. Post pandemic, as our homes become an extension of our work life too, more and more people want to adorn these spaces with unique and beautiful décor pieces that can liven-up the space. Today, one can see this trend going beyond the tier-I cities. Millennial consumers living in relatively smaller cities also aspire to create beautiful homes that are decorated with unique décor pieces.

This rise in demand is promptly matched-out with a host of new age décor brands that cater to every possible design sensibility and aesthetic. While some of these brands are created by experienced professionals who turned their passion into a business and played a second innings in life, others were crafted by young design enthusiasts with a wide world view.

Right from being quirky, minimalist, bohemian, sustainable, bio-friendly, today's consumers can cherry-pick décor based on their specific requirements. D2C has also acted as a boon for such young and upcoming brands. With no middleman to slow down the process, brands today communicate with consumers directly.

This personal connect helps them create a loyal consumer base that is perfectly matched with their aesthetic. The current edition of Women Entrepreneur Magazine shines the spotlight on upcoming and talented décor brands created by talented women designers.

These entrepreneurs have succeeded in creating a niche for themselves in the industry. Right from understanding the needs of their clients to executing the final output, each of these brands is helping consumers create their dream homes.

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