Celebrating 74 years of Indias journey as a Vibrant Democratic Republic & a Constitution that Empowers us All

Celebrating 74 years of Indias journey as a Vibrant Democratic Republic & a Constitution that Empowers us All

By: WE Staff | Thursday, 26 January 2023

Today marks a momentous occasion as India celebrates its 74th Republic Day. The year was 1950 and the date for January 26 when our glorious nation officially adopted the Indian Constitution declaring India as a sovereign republic.

That was then and today India is known as one of the largest democracies in the world. We are also unique owing to our multi-dimensional diversity and the heart of India’s success story lies in the country’s successful ability overcome all challenges and work towards nation-building.

India is made up of a wide variety of social, cultural, economic, and regional complexities.

The Indian constitution has been the guiding star that has led India along with its many complexities to grow, prosper and attain an enviable spot in the global stage.

The Indian constitution has time and again come to the rescue of those who needed it the most.

Most recently a Pune woman approached the Bombay High Court to seek permission to terminate her 33-week pregnancy. A division bench of Justices Gautam Patel and Justice SG Dige observed: “The right to choose is the Petitioner’s. It is not the right of the Medical Board. And it is also not the right of the Court to abrogate the Petitioner’s rights once they are found to fall within the contemplation of the law.”

She court stated categorically that the final decision to terminate a pregnancy is the woman’s alone after a severe foetal abnormality is found irrespective of the length of the pregnancy.

The court was hearing a petition filed by a married woman who was being represented by advocate Aditi Saxena. She was seeking the permission to terminate her pregnancy on account of anoma alies found in the foetus like microcephaly (smaller head and brain) and lissencephaly. Mild uteroplacental insufficiency was also noticed.


The petitioner cited her humble background which would render her helpless in terms of baring the financial liability of taking care of such an infant.


This was a landmark judgment that highlighted to the world the progressive nature of the Indian constitution.


Today, let us understand the gravity of the day, pledge to understand our rights and work towards keeping the sanctity of the Indian constitution intact.

Wishing you all a Happy Republic Day!