Maintaining Overall Wellness of a Women

Maintaining Overall Wellness of a Women

By: Sonya Khandelwal, Life Coach & Founder, Etheralsonia | Thursday, 28 April 2022

Sonya Khandelwal is an entrepreneur, Life Coach & Founder of Etheralsonia. She has engaged in several spiritual & motivational talk shows on various social platforms and is currently writing a book on spirituality. In this article she delves deep into her expertise to guide women on how to maintain overall wellbeing & goodhealth and cope with stress effectively.

As a woman, you often hold the responsibility of taking on a multitude of roles (specific to us as daughters, wives, girlfriends, mothers, professionals, grandmothers, and just as people) which can sometimes get stressful and challenging. So it becomes difficult to find the perfect balance between your mind and body. There is a strong relationship between health and wellness and it is a well-known fact that a happier mind paves a way for a healthier body. But considering today’s fast-paced lifestyles, it is difficult to maintain a healthy daily routine.The journey of a healthy body begins with patience and dedication.

There are various ways a women can maintain overall wellbeing & good health and cope with stress, including exercise, healthy sleep habits, mindful eating and medication, lets elaborate on a few amongst them:

  1. Hormonal balance: Our hormones are responsible for essentially every function in our bodies. Hormones are chemicals secreted by our glands in order to send “messages” through the bloodstream. Those messages then tell our organs what to do to keep us alive and healthy, now this balance is very essential & needed for women to maintain a balance in theirmoods as they can also help you treat or avoid shifts in moods. When you exercise, your body produces feel-good hormones and endorphins that can help alleviate stress and boost your mood.Menstrual cycle is also related to the overall happiness of a women, in case there is any kind of imbalance in your cycle it can cause blood to rebel upward leading to a headache, irritability, hot flashes, insomnia, and other peri/menopausal symptoms. If her hormones are well balanced, she can balance her personal as well professional life. When her hormones are balanced and working in sync, you won’t notice any form of stress which of courseis one extremely important factor in a women’s wellbeing. It’s when they’re imbalanced that you could start seeing cascading health issues take over.
  2. Self-Care/ Self Love: Self-care, sometimes also known as self-love is anything and everything we do to take care of our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Self-care helps us keep calm and positive and stay away from all kind & any form of negativity. When we start caring for ourselves, we start feeling confident and our self-esteem increases. Caring for theself relaxes our brain cells, reduces stress, and helps maintain a good sleep pattern too. When people suffer from stress and anxiety, they fail to make good decisions in life. Self-care and self-love motivate people to make healthy choices in life. Time for self care, a proper beauty regime and exercise can keep a woman  not only fit, confident, strongbut also  gives her a boost in her mental as well as physical strength which is needed in all aspects/walks of life. Self-care and self-love are reflections of oneself and it is a process of elevating oneself in their best of forms. Everyone has the power to control their thoughts, emotions, etc… Perhaps it may be best to say that in order to love others, you need to start with yourself first. It is like taking charge and responsibility of your life and giving a self-reminder that you are being taken care of by yourself. 
  3. A day off from household chores and family: Being a woman is a challengingrole in itself as different/ multiple roles are played & executed at the same time. So things like a day off taken from her daily chores and relaxing/ rejuvenating herself by spending some quality time by either ‘Herself, with friends or for that matter a loved one/ ones’ or enrolling herself in some creative classes where she discovers more about  herself and makes her inner child happy. By engaging herself in these kind of activities, she can feel young at heart & moreover feel stress-free, relaxed and extremely passionate about herself & life.
  4. A Proper body/ Health checkup: Of all the known happiness in the world, a healthy and disease free body is definitely the happiness each and everyone wishes to experience throughout. We feel everything surrounding us is good and lively when we are fit and healthy. Else even if we catch a cold or a cough, our energy levels massively go down and we don't feel good doing anything. The only thought that goes into our mind is about the disease we are caught into and cure towards the disease. Especially for a women considering all the physical & hormonal changes that she goes through at different stages in her life, this is an extremely important factor that determines her overall well-being. Essentially all vitamins and minerals, regular internal checkups can keep her easy- going at all stages in her hectic life. Also pregnancy, menopause, etc...can be easily handled if she is constant with her checkups and medical care.
  5. Voicing her opinion: Listening & the opportunity of being heard &voicing out her opinion in the family and among relatives should be considered for the wellness & growth of a woman. When she feels heard, she feels a sense of importance, confidence in herself.... may it be as a wife, a mother or an employee. The self- boost that she gets just by being heard out and her opinion being valued is yet another important factor to boost her confidence, self-respect which obviously  leads to long term satisfaction in her life.
  6. Education: Even while being a professional, may it be either ‘Working for a company’ or being an ‘Entrepreneur in your business/ job’, it is extremely essential for a  woman to keep on upgrading her skills, expanding her knowledge in her preferred area of interest  technically as well as generally. By doing this along with a self-boost, it also leads to equality in opportunities and in turn a woman feels appreciated and her over-all wellness is very much affected with the way she is treated in society. Also findings show that there is a connection between education and well-being which is mediated by healthy behaviors, such as engaging in physical activity, abstaining from drinking and smoking, social interactivity, and higher income.