A Compressive Guide for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

A Compressive Guide for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

By: Kamna Hazrati, Business Consultant & Advisor, Founder - KH Advisory | Friday, 9 December 2022

Kamna Hazrati is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor & Consultant who has spent the past 13 years of her career building and scaling 2 of her own e-commerce start-ups and multiple other brands. 

Establishing and operating your corporation can be an intimidating endeavour, but it can also be gratifying with the appropriate guidance and assistance. There are several misunderstandings regarding female entrepreneurs that might stymie their growth.

Here are some top 8 tips to assist female entrepreneurs in their endeavours:

1. Break the Glass Ceiling

Many female entrepreneurs assume that they must be flawless before starting a business. They also feel that their gender will prevent them from achieving success in the workplace or many times end up judging their own selves.

These thoughts, however, are erroneous and can hinder their progress. You will be successful as soon as you have a decent business concept and are determined to transform it into a reality.

2. Trust in yourself and your business

Don't give too much weight to the views of others about their development model.

Rather than fretting about what others perceive, concentrate on what you feel and strive for and for your own sake back it up with logic & facts. Be confident about your company and business idea, and aim to communicate that effectively to your team. People are more inclined to assist you if they are aligned to the common goal. 

3. Create a Resilient Team

Finding a team that will help women entrepreneurs flourish is one of the most difficult issues they confront. It is critical for success to have a team of people working together. .

Building positive bonds with people you believe in, being ready to solicit assistance, and work delegation  are all important steps for developing a productive team. Having receptive and efficient team is pivotal for all entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. 

4. Prioritize your objectives

Prioritizing your goals is perhaps the most crucial advice for female entrepreneurs. It will be much simpler to finish the job if you have defined targets and a purpose to strive towards.

It is also critical to create and meet deadlines for oneself. Without deadlines, it's easy to lose sight of your objectives. Setting deadlines will assist you in staying focused and achieving your goals.

Another important piece of advice for female entrepreneurs is to engage with other businesses. Business Networking allows you to discover new possibilities  and meet individuals who can assist you in growing your business. It may also be an excellent opportunity to meet possible investors or potential partners & employees.

5. Open Yourself to Take Risks

It's essential to note that failure is part of the journey and that you can only attain your objectives by taking risks. This can aid you in making smarter judgments when you start and build your business. Finally, remember to be inspired and focused  at all times.

Many of the most successful female entrepreneurs have felt tempted to give up on their dreams at times, but they endured due to their passion and perseverance. Note that success is never promised, but everything is attainable with hard effort and determination.

Reward yourself when you hit goals, so the returns are tangible and give you a positive outlook which is the most important thing, as entrepreneurship is a long haul.

6. Invest in yourself & your Network

Often women get too absorbed in the regular grind that they tend to leave their friendships behind or stop enlarging their network. Venture out and meet like-minded people, which can act as your trust & advisory board. Your Network is indeed your Networth.

Invest in yourself from time to time, to pick up new age skills which would keep you relevant as per the current times.

7. Manage Stress

Stress being physical or mental, is unavoidable in current times. And it is especially high for women entrepreneurs as they are often managing both work & life at home. Which are demanding in their own right. Women especially should learn to relax and unwind and schedule some time for themselves each day. This does not have to be an extended break; just 30 minutes might help you rest and refresh. Try something you love undertaking, such as heading out for a stroll or watching a flick.

Another method to combat burnout is to set achievable goals. Don't expect your company to succeed tomorrow or even during the first several months. acknowledge that things will not always go as intended and make amends if necessary.

8. Ask for Help

Not everything comes in handy in business to everyone, even if you are an MBA or come from a business background. Be open to asking for help when needed, and remember to learn to unlearn to achieve your maximum potential. Look for business mentors and coaches who can help you to achieve your goals and give you a sense of direction when distraught.


Women can do anything if they are given enough equal opportunities, encouragement and recognition. These strategies can help you take your business to a higher level, from defining goals and having a clear mission for your business to mingling and mastering the skills of work management & delegation.