Rosie Seldon: Providing a Powerhouse of Digital & Marketing Experts to Brands with Transformative Strategies

Rosie Seldon: Providing a Powerhouse of Digital & Marketing Experts to Brands with Transformative Strategies

By: Rosie Seldon, Managing Director, Digital Qube | Friday, 22 September 2023

In the modern era, where technology shapes destinies, finding the best talent isn't just a mere choice — it's an imperative for survival and success. In the face of this ever-evolving digital landscape, Digital Qube has not only understood this truth but embraced it wholeheartedly. To help companies build the perfect digital experience for its customers, the consultancy has built a powerhouse of digital experts. Their aim is to build teams that can deliver exceptional customer experiences, combining technology with content. The agile, innovative digital marketing teams harness technology whilst recognising that human intelligence remains the guiding force, matching technology with talent.

At the helm of this transformative journey stands Rosie Seldon, the creative and resolute Managing Di­rector of Digital Qube. Amidst the fast-growing and booming economy of Middle East, less than 5 percent of major corporate commissions are directed towards women-owned businesses. Despite the challenges that lay ahead, Rosie won contracts with most major UAE en­tities. After launching her first business in the UK, she has since navigated the agency through the tempestu­ous waters of the UAE’s digital world, steering it toward new territories. Join Women Entrepreneur magazine as we uncover the secrets behind Rosie’s unwavering and determined spirit, in a world that poses many business obstacles.

How is your brainchild, Digital Qube enabling brands to attain success?

Digital Qube is a forward-thinking digital marketing consultancy that delivers effective teams to its clients. With a philosophy deeply rooted in the customer-centric approaches of industry giants like HSBC, Amazon, and Google. Our mission revolves around creating the best possible digital and marketing teams for our customers, matching talent with technology. Drawing inspiration from the success of one-click purchasing strategy by Amazon, we aim to streamline navigation and content and optimize the purchasing process, leading to a major uplift in sales. We empower businesses to adapt, evolve, and deliver fast and efficient digital experiences that align with their customers' desires, ultimately driving sales and fostering long-lasting relationships.

“Focus on creating a superior customer experience online”

Could you shed light on some of the new challenges that have emerged in digital marketing?

One of the most prominent discussions revolves around AI's potential impact on marketing and content manage­ment roles. While AI has shown promise in enhancing creativity and recommending highly effective ads, it has also sparked debates about its potential to replace human creativity in marketing. At Digital Qube, we be­lieve in using technology to speed up our delivery and output and have delved into this trend by experimenting with AI-driven creativity, but fundamentally we believe exceptional performance in marketing is driven by hu­man-generated ideas, enhanced by AI.

While AI can be a powerful tool for those who lack innate creative abilities, I firmly believe that highly cre­ative marketing professionals will always bring unique value and that content based on AI’s algorithms cannot replace a brand’s true story. True storytelling relies on in­terviewing the people involved in a brand’s journey and captivating their uniqueness. While AI can be a powerful tool, human intelligence remains crucial in guiding and interpreting its results.

As we navigate the digital future, trends such as personalized experiences, data privacy, avatars and self-learning bots will present challenges for companies aiming to stay ahead. Companies will need to come up with clever strategies to adopt the fast pace of innova­tion in this dynamic digital era.

In your opinion, what steps or strategies can companies take to ensure a better representation of women in top leadership and decision-making roles?

Confidence is key to being a leader, and women often face internal conflict balancing career and family life. They want to be exceptional at both! At Digital Qube, we've launched a Woman Empowerment Program to address the issue of women returning to the workforce after taking time off to raise children. This program combines training and work experience to help bridge the gap and enable women to reintegrate into the fast-paced digital landscape successfully. By providing them with both training and practical experience, we've seen remarkable success with over 90 percent of participants securing jobs shortly after completing the program. Some had not worked for 10 years. Empowering women to re-enter the workforce after a break, and upskill fast, is a passion we deeply embrace, and we believe it's a crucial step towards achieving better gender diversity in leadership roles.

What would your top tips be for marketers to guarantee the best outcomes in their efforts?

To share some quick tips, utilize Whatsapp to boost your social media post responses by sharing content with friends and groups. Most importantly, test your user jour­neys; identify and remove obstacles that might hinder customer purchases, such as button placement, naviga­tion issues, and more. Immediately connect with people on social media, quickly after meeting them in person to expand your following. Embrace AI tools and experiment with turning static posts into engaging videos for better results. Small activities make a surprising difference.

What message would you give to aspiring women leaders?

My advice is to remain focused on your goals and not let distractions sway you. Embrace suggestions and in­sights from others, recognize your strengths and weak­nesses, but be determined towards your singular goal. Success requires staying focused amidst the countless distractions that surround us. Set your goal, stay focused, and make it happen.

Rosie Seldon, Managing Director, Digital Qube

Rosie and her team have helped the big entertainment sites launch their first online ticketing systems in the Middle East, selling out to global audiences. Whilst also working with global brands; Google and HSBC, and the major UAE companies such as Jumeriah and Dubai Holdings.